Battle Tags Edit


Battle Tags are New Natures that will affect very dynamically your battles in Azusa.

They are related to modifications in the battle fields/nature that can aid your guardian in a battle, and are heavily changed by the way each guardian affect the scene with their cosmo control!

In theory this works with 10 new tags, Cold, Heat, Wet, Wind, Poison, Static, Telekinetic, Sekishiki, Will Power and Stability;

and each character will have a different control and need over these battle situations.

Each battle can hold up to 10 tags, and each nature can have up to 6 tags in the same battle

Talent over a Nature Control Status Edit

Now there are hidden Status related to the control of these natures, each nature have its own unique status, but to raise them you will need to first raise your talent/control over that nature;

There are 2 main ways to raise and define your character's talent over a nature control:

  • Using a TrialKey of said Nature, this one will add 0.1 talent in one nature and remove 0.1 of another.
  • By not having a Cosmo Element + Armor Element default combination that results in a Elemental Skill, will get you 0.5 talent in one nature.

By default these Trial Keys will be set to drop from certain mobs, and players can then commercialize them, they can also drop from rankboxes and trial triggers, custom bosses, etc. And also rarelly from normal common mobs, it will all vary depending on how they are currently set. Save some money and maybe someone that fount the TrialKey of the nature you are searching for may be willing to sell it!

TrialKeys can look and be whatever the admins decide them to be, a letter, a necklace, but you defiantelly will know by its name that said item is related to raising your talent over nature control, and when this item is fount simply use it and let the magic happen!

The other method, is very similar to how we learn Elemental Combination Skills (but Need level 5, or leveling up past 5); however using the 10 unmatching combinations:

  • Water + Earth = Poison
  • Water + Fire = Heat
  • Fire + Water = Cold
  • Fire + Wind = Will Power
  • Wind + Fire = Sekishiki
  • Wind + Thunder = Wind
  • Thunder + Earth = Stability
  • Thunder + Wind = Telekinetic
  • Earth + Water = Wet
  • Earth + Thunder = Static

Training a Nature Control Edit


Now that you have obtained the talents over the nature control, you can start raising your control. The main way to raise it is by sparring under the nature's conditions; so best way to do this for cold control training is sparring in a map with Natural Cold.

Beware! Natures of maps can change!

There is a technique called Divine Judgement that can be used to change the natural tag of a map, and making every battles starting in that map to have its default nature changed!

So, depending on who is controling the world, it may be difficult for you to train naturally your nature controls.

Higher amount of tags means higher gains and this is what makes the spar by far the best way to raise nature control.

There are other training methods that can raise your nature controls.

Nature Controls are 10 status that are affected by the GLOBAL CAPS related to your TALENTS, however these talents are obtained at playtime depending on what happens to your character, different from the other status talents defined at creation, and, just as attack, defence and intelligence, don't require nutrition to be trained.

This means that catching up to global caps, training gains and everything can be affected by the amount of nature control you have relatively to its talents!

Skill Learnings Edit

By increasing and having a huge Nature Control you can self learn rare skills that usually requires people to use armors and or elemental combinations, and even ultra rare unique skills for nature controlers; however every nature learned skill depends on certain amount of active tags in the battle;

Keep in mind those who learned skills from armor, elemental combinations or class, don't require nature tags to use it, and some skills requires the region natural nature tag to be in that way in order to be used by nature conotrolers.

So raising and decreasing a battle tag can define what skills your enemies can use, and also the common arsenal of skills of a same character can learn increases by alot depending on how well their character grow.

Each nature skill control learned will reduce the chance to learn a new one, and it will become harder and harder to learn another nature skill and so on, except if you already have the skill by other means.

More nature skills, designed to work with the battle tags will be added as new updates are released.

Now most battle perks require active tags in battle in order to be used! so considere it before building your characters talents!

Raising the Battle Tags Edit


Once you have Nature Control it will be possible for you to manipulate it and use in your favor in battles!

Nature Control changes only happen during normal attack combats. this gives a reason for people to don't simply spam skills, because if you don't fight with normal attacks at all, you may end in a huge disadvantage over the enemy's nature control.

so if you have now a high Cold Control, you can change the nature of that area and reduce the temperature as you punch, this will give you the battle advantages, however each control will also be defined by one of the enemy's control, we call this effect: Shields Advantages.

The Natures works with a cubic advantage system, where the natures effect each other in many different ways giving dynamic types of advantages, depending actually on the point of view.

Shield Advantages Edit

This advantage point of view is basically used by, what nature control is used to block the amount of nature the attacker will raise with his punch; similar to how str/end, and forc/res type

  • Heat shields Cold
  • Cold shields Heat
  • Static shields Telekinetic
  • Will Power shields Sekishiki
  • Stability shields Wind
  • Poison shields Wet
  • Sekishiki shields Will Power
  • Wind shields Poison
  • Telekinetic shields Stability
  • Wet shields Static

Keep in mind that Element Control will shield and weight every attempt to change nature tags!

Buff Advantages Edit

Buff advantages happens everytime a nature tag is succesfully added into a Battle; and this will increase another nature by almost whats required to add another tag for it; so it can help by alot someone of the buff advantage to place one of their own, by using your effort. Buffs just happen when the other tag is in the battle

  • Stability buffs Telekinetic
  • Telekinetic buffs Stability
  • Poison buffs Sekishiki
  • Sekishiki buffs Poison
  • Wet buffs Cold
  • Wind buffs Telekinetic
  • Wind buffs Heat
  • Will Power buffs Heat
  • Cold buffs Wind
  • Heat buffs Will Power
  • Wet buffs Static
  • Wind buffs Wet

Debuffs Advantages Edit

The Debuff Advantages are very important, because when a nature tag is increased one debuffed opposing tag is removed. So if you buff one of your enemies tag that debuffs yours, defiantelly you will lose the control of the battle advantage! debuffs just happen when the other tag is in battle!

  • Cold debuffs Heat
  • Heat debuffs Cold
  • Will Power debuffs Sekishiki
  • Sekishiki debuffs Will Power
  • Telekinetic debuffs Static
  • Static debuffs Telekinetic
  • Wet debuffs Heat
  • Wind debuffs Poison
  • Cold debuffs Wet
  • Stability debuffs Wind

Talent Learning Opposites Edit

The talent learning by obtaining trialkey items to raise mods, can be used multiple times and is limited simply by the amount of these items you manage to use; however to balance the game, everytime you raise a mod(talent) of a nature control, it will reduce an opposing nature, being more difficult to train two opposing natures. So, when building your talents, pick wisely!

  • Cold reduces Heat
  • Heat reduces Cold
  • Wind reduces Stability
  • Poison reduces Wind
  • Sekishiki reduces Will Power
  • Will Power reduces Sekishiki
  • Telekinetic reduces Static
  • Static reduces Wet
  • Stability reduces Telekinetic
  • Wet reduces Poison

Talents of nature controls learned through elemental combination are not affected by this

Talent Learning TrialKey Drops Edit

The way we can obtain the trialkey vary depending on events, players and characters interactions, but the default starting method is through rare NPC drops; feel free to go around the world to search and collect these scrolls since more of them you use, better will be your Nature Control gains!

  • Ancient Arts of Athena - Bandit - Stability
  • Ancient Arts of Lemurians - Corrupt Guardians - Telekinetic
  • Ancient Arts of Heracles - Chicken - Static
  • Ancient Tales of Heroes - Lion - Will Power
  • Ancient Knowledges of Underworld - Skeleton - Sekishiki
  • Ancient Arts of Shamans - Skorpions - Poison
  • Ancient Arts of the Tribes - Wolf - Wind
  • Ancient Arts of Atlantis - Kappa Soldier - Wet
  • Ancient Arts of the Deserts - Camel - Heat
  • Ancient Arts of Asgard - Polar Bear - Cold

The drop rate for these scrolls aren't related to maps specifically, if you find a Polar Bear in the desert it can drop Asgard scroll, Good Luck!

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