Armor Breaking Edit


With Azusa 1.3.0 update armor breaking is now a thing!

So along with Bone Breaking, a battle can cause consequences to your Armors!

Each new Guardian starts with 70 Armor Health; when you fight and push yourself into higher limits your armor will be damaged, and once it reaches 0 health, it will crack.

Armors with stronger Potential will be harder to damage and crack, however every armor can break.

Don't worry, yet be aware with the armor damages, once the armor is cracked, the health will go back to its half, so 35, and will crack again if you reach 0 health again. If an armor cracks 7 times, it will die.

A dead armor won't be able to regenerate by itself, and will lose its capacity to raise your Potential.

Armor Recovery Edit


A damaged armor will recover itself with time, while its not being used. so if your armor is damaged from a battle, let your armor rest!

To recover your Armor Health simply remove it, and give it enough time to recover, when your armor regens back to its maximum Armor Health, it will fully recover from the cracks!

Armor Revival Edit


To revive an Armor you will need someone with Armor Revival skill,

Lemurians Cosmo Forge can learn this skill by default, but now with the TAGs system, its possible for other classes to learn this skill by having a great Telekinetic Control.

To revive an Armor, a base cosmo orb, an anvil is needed and a Guardian Blood, every Guardian can give their Guardian Blood two times in each character, but theres no negative consequences in this. (Unlike Cosmo Forging into relic)

Every Armor revival will make the armor harder to break, increasing its max health by 1.5.

If the Guardian Blood given comes from a Guardian with higher Max Power then the person getting their armor revived, The Armor can evolve in a stronger form, limited by:

  • higher Max Power: initial potential + 2 potential.
  • 2x higher Max Power: initial potential + 4 potential.
  • 3x higher Max Power: initial potential + 8 potential.

Initial potential is always the armors original potential, evolving an armor multiple times by the same amount of Max Power difference, will only give cosmetic advantages.

Armor Evolution Edit


When an armor is revived by using a stronger Guardian Blood theres 20% it gets a visual extension; it can vary by many types of extensions, like shoulders, chests, plates, arms and legs, and they will match your starting armors colors;

This way the same armor can come back with unique visuals comparing to other guardians, giving everyone a more unique look as they play!

Not to mention this opens a wide Custom Kamuis customizations, varying its look mechanically and matching your characters original armors sets!

Patreons of God tier (20$) gets extra 60% chance of getting a visual extension, (final result 80%)

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